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Against my better judgement I'm watching a Shondaland show...

Live ramblings )

Less over-the-top that other Shondaland shows. I'll watch all seven episodes to support a lead WOC on network TV. I hope I don't regret it lol.
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The last bullet of [profile] winwin7's spoiler spec post at [profile] onceandfutures spawned this.

And my crackalicious fifth thought is Uther for permanent and Merlin for recurring, where

  • Morgana kills Uther
  • Think of something for Morgause

  • Arthur defeats Morgana
  • Morgana escapes
  • Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic then banishes him.
  • Camelot track
    • Gwen & Arthur have a falling out over it
    • Gwen & Lancelot get closer
    • Gwaine leaves because his instincts about kings have been confirmed
    • Think of something for Gaius to do
    • Think of something for Elyan to do

  • Merlin track
    • meets up with some good druids
    • gets some damn magic schooling
    • becomes a solider in the druid civil war
    • still loyal to Arthur

  • Morgana track
    • meets up with Mordred and the bad druids

The other four ideas are here.
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[profile] farmgirl62 spawned Vivianne. I just ran with it ;ob

ETA: Oops that's locked. Here's a quote:

As far as I can tell, here are the relationship as I understand it:

Morgause - Vivianne* (where the magic came from) and Gorlois
Morgana - Vivianne and Uther
Arthur - Ygraine and Uther

*I'm thinking Vivianne is THE Vivianne - powerful magic and all which is why Morgause and Morgana are her daughters and thus magical.

Backgroud: Uther has always hated magic except when it could benefit him. He becomes increasingly intolerant as time goes by. )
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Hm another deadsiswaking?

Still hate the new theme

Rory is too damn smart, but he's being stupid about the ring.

Nice to know someone is thinking about Rory.

Sherlock Holmes XD

LOL I just got a Simpsons movie flashback!

Why is the Doctor making all these promises he knows he can't keep?

Ok for real? Hm, does going to sleep for a millennium count as deadsiswalking?

Damn Rory's dead? That's some bullshit. What is up with Amy only giving a shit when Rory is dead?

Oh bummer about the TARDIS :o\
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Vampires of Venice )

Eh, it was OK. I usually think vampires are dumb, but this was a least a semi-entertaining. Moff is like 0/4 1/5 with chromatic characters this series -_- And people say Europe isn't racist!

Amy's Choice )

Um, that was something :o\
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Time of the Angels )

River >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the Doctor, the end!!!

Flesh and Stone )

I like Moff's suspenseful episodes, and I adore River Song in no small part due to Alex Kingston. I've loved her since her days on ER.
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05.01 The Eleventh Hour )

Well, that was enjoyable. Amy is OK, and I don't hate Eleven. I'll have to see more of them before I decide.

05.02 The Beast Below )

Eh, this episode was very meh to me. I wish Sophie had more to do. Liz X started out cool, but ended up looking stupid and cruel for torturing the space whale. The Moff gets a point for not killing off the deadbrowalking but also loses half a point for making him not actually human and not giving him shit to do. Still better than RTD though. It's so sad my expectations are so low!

Victory of the Daleks )

In short, I was bored. OMG, I love the weeping angels!!! And River!!!
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The Bingo Card )