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I feel like I've seen this opening shot before.

This feels quite fairytalesq

Who leaves a baby by an open window like that?

Those are some mighty long and blue nails!

OMFG LMAO lamest intro evah!

Elena is, um, special...

Wait where's Morgana? Did I miss her?

Dang Uther when did you become so god-awfully tongue-tied?

Arthur don't just stand there being an ass! Help her up!

Dude that's how you break the news? You are an idiot!

What no half naked man? What a missed opportunity especially since there were no half naked men last week ::serious pouting::

LMAO at the pillow almost hitting Uther!

Find some feelings? Ouch

Aw nice fairy dust, er maybe not so nice lol.

Lawd have mercy will nanny run into Morgana sneaking off into the woods? I swear the woods are a happening place since damn near everyone goes out there to meet in the middle of the night!

Lol you're getting shown up Arthur by a girl.

Aw I kinda like Elena goofy as she may be. And a girl after my own nose with flower allergies!

Wow apparently Elena has absolutely no home training.

*iz ded* @ Nanny giving Gauis the eyes!

Elena is wearing the worst wig ever!

Merlin why are you leaving behind evidence?

Oh my we get detective Gaius? Again what's with the leaving behind evidence?

LOL, so did they get it on or what? Someone needs to write that fill-in-the-blank fic right now! Didn't someone request old people sex in the kink meme?

Hah, you've got competition for the crown from tiny blue lights Morgana!

Poor Gwen! Sudden Morgana perceptiveness = plot device!!!

Don't tell her girl! Morgana is ebil! Shucks you played your hand.

WTF Merlin can't you learn to levitate or something? I thought you were the greatest sorcerer ever? I fear for Camelot and everyone else!

For real that's it? Damn near all of that was in the fucking trailer! I'm going to read the spoiers now!

Goddammit Arthur can you grow a fucking backbone for once?

Whoa that's pretty powerful ball of blue ight! Now clean up that mess lol. Aw shit, you dumbasses hiding the potion with the rest of the potions!

Bwahahaha Gaius putting on the most pathetic charms ever! OMG chain her up Gaius; she'll love it! It's too bad this is a "family show" lol!

Nice try nanny! Nanny is like the little engine that could with the door.

Morgana looks pretty. OMG I hope she's not getting married in that frock!

Why is no one hearing all this ruckus? LMAO good for Merlin being useful.

Yeah about Nanny...

Aw wise Merlin makes an appearance.

This the lamest wedding ever. LMAO now Elena gets a wig upgrade! These shotgun weddings are hilarious.

Mawwage and Wuv Twuu Wuv!!! Er, sorry.

LMAO Uther is pissed. Gwen is about faint.

Hah non-possessed Elena is cheeky!

Aww the end was super cute though I'm surprised we didn't get one last Morgana smirk.

So will Uther hold the marriage-that-never-was as reason to crown Morgana? That'd be super fucking dumb, so I fully expect it to happen lol!


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