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[profile] farmgirl62 spawned Vivianne. I just ran with it ;ob

ETA: Oops that's locked. Here's a quote:

As far as I can tell, here are the relationship as I understand it:

Morgause - Vivianne* (where the magic came from) and Gorlois
Morgana - Vivianne and Uther
Arthur - Ygraine and Uther

*I'm thinking Vivianne is THE Vivianne - powerful magic and all which is why Morgause and Morgana are her daughters and thus magical.

Backgroud: Uther has always hated magic except when it could benefit him. He becomes increasingly intolerant as time goes by.

  • Vivi & Goloris agree to send Morgause away to Vivi's druid family because she displays obvious magical abilities.

  • Outtake: Gauis starts the underground magical railroad.

  • Vivi conceives Morgana with Uther. -> Morgana doesn't display an obvious magical abilities, so she gets to stay in wherever Goloris lives.

  • Uther banishes Vivi because she refuses to help with Igraine.

  • Igraine gives birth to Arthur and dies. Uther goes fucking crazy.

  • Vivi leaves Morgana & Goloris because Uther is fucking crazy and Goloris is in denial. She doesn't think Morgana would do well as a squib with the cool magical kids.

  • Vivi reunites with Morgause, beings to train her, and tell her the family history.

  • Outtake: Uther sends Goloris out to die because ****IDKW**** he finds out Morgana is not his.

  • Vivi and Morgause have a falling out because M is bitter and pissed.

  • Morgause locks Vivi away somewhere.

  • Outtake: Morgause begins planning to take over Camelot.

  • Fast forward to now, uh post 03.05

  • M&M set a trap for Arthur and Merlin that involves Cenred and leaves M&A presumed dead.

  • M&M incapacitate Uther to get him to name Morgana queen.

  • Vivi gets loose and is not happy with Morgause and Morgana. How does she know? She got sight and magical skillz.

  • Meanwhile Arthur & Merlin are up shit creek and the merry band of un-noble knights save their bacon!

  • Outtake: Lancelot & Gwaine meet up somewhere and become BFFs

  • Outtake: Eylan & Unnamed Hottie meet up somewhere and become BFFs

  • Gwen leaves Camelot during the siege to go live with Eylan because Morgana is going down a path she cannot follow. Gaius goes with her because he knows his ass is grass if he stays.

  • Gwen and Arthur meet up and their secret is out. Gwen tells them why they left Camelot. Arthur finds out about U&M and is fucking pissed.

  • Vivi meets up with Arthur & co and outs Merlin because she doesn't have time for his bullshit!

  • Arthur and Merlin obviously have. a. falling. out.

  • Outtake: Vivi and Gaius have it out.

  • Vivi begins to train Merlin for the epic showdown with M&M.

  • Arthur and Merlin make up eventually, as do Gwen and Merlin.

  • Outtake: Meanwhile M&M have infighting because Morgana is going more and more off the rails a la Uther.

  • Vivi & Gaius revive Uther, well Vivi starts and Gaius finishes because Vivi gets distracted.

  • Vivi & Morgause showdown a la War of the Roses.

  • Merlin kills Morgana.

  • Arthur & Uther have. it. out.

  • The good guys win. The end, lol. Or is it? ;ob Maybe Mordred is pissed for whatever reason and comes a knockin'!
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