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Sigh deadbro and deadsis walking, smh. Well maybe just deadsiswalking.

I like the score, but I'm a sucker for lutes.

Poor Rory :o(

Seriously LMAO!!!! Worst bachelor party ever!!!

Damn Eleven is not subtle or bright at all.

Huh, I didn't notice the silver Who logo. I like it!

OMG, the Doctor, couples counselor.

I like Rory. He's smart. I hope he's not a pushover for long.

Or make that undeadsiswalking, lol.

Let's not do this? No let's do this!

LOL, Rory is all about self preservation! No sitting on fucking gun powder for him; I love it!

Lol @ deadbrowalking wearing Rory's clothes!

The old vampire lady is like a cheap imitation of Sigourney Weaver, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Is she Darcy's bitchy girlfriend from Bridget Jones's Diary?

Hm, nice lute music is gone :o(

LOL, that was some gizmo.

I probably shouldn't laugh at electrocuted Doctor. Ten has serious ruined all the Doctors for me.

I knew she was deadsiswalking. Say what? A black girl with a perm can swim? Surely you jest ;ob

Ah more silence. The silence of the lamb pandorica.

Do any black folks besides Gwen on Merlin get live through an episode on Brisith tv?

Wow he just pulled a British yo mama *iz ded*, although she ain't worth defending!

I'm having flashbacks to the stupid Dalek in 1930's New York episodes with the scaling large buildings, although this is much better than emo!Doctor.


Eh, it was OK. I usually think vampires are dumb, but this was a least a semi-entertaining. Moff is like 0/4 1/5 with chromatic characters this series -_- And people say Europe isn't racist!

Rory needs to cut off that rat now!

Another dead TARDIS? Well this is bound to be better than the Icemen.

Sorry Rory, bow ties are better than rat tails.

Amy is in some serious denial.

Because you fucking brag about knowing everything. That's why!

What in the world?

Now that's some bad breath!

I live the Dream Lord calling the Doctor on his shit.

Thank the gods! That shit was irritating me.

Well that was a slow dramatic sanding.

Oh so now you decide to give a shit because he's dead? Girl bye!

So the Dream Lord was the TARDIS? Or the Valleyard?

Rory you are too easy. Leave her.

Um, that was something :o\


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