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Time of the Angels
Hah, hallucinogenic lipstick.

Oh how I love River!!! "Hello sweetie" in gallifreyan is priceless!!!

Poor little confused Doctor, lol.

OMFG River >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the Doctor. She knows how to drive the TARDIS - properly - with lessons from someone else

The book!!! Someone's grumpy, lol.

Oh noez Amy is turning into a weeping angel!

I love how perceptive Amy is!!!

LMAO @ a military church. And another 51st century name check.

LMAO, I love that Amy is doing what I would do with the winking one eye then the other!

Ooops, she's looking in the eyes. OMG she's going to turn into an angel!!!!

Oooh, River is gray. I love it!!!

Mercen? What's that - intergalactic jail?

LMAO, just a labyrinth with dead people in the walls?!?!?

River is totally the Doctor's wife XD

I love how River makes the Doctor look so stupid at times.

Deadbroswalking alert!

Oh shit, this can't be good. They are all angels aren't they?!?!?!? Yep!!!!! I need to find the Confidential for this ep and the next.

Nice knowing you Bob. I do wonder how the deadbroswalking can still talk...

Oh really? How are we communicating then? Reanimated self? Ok then...

Hm, angels getting all psychological and shit with Amy.

WTF, I died at birth? I'm confused.

Oh man I'm so glad I get to watch this two parter back to back!!!

River >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the Doctor, the end!!!

Flesh and Stone

LMAO, she ain't denying his a madman!!!!

Wait, there's a forest on the ship? Huh, ok.

Um, y'all should pay attention to Amy's countdown.

I think y'all should be walking and talking.

Ah, they finally know about the crack.

So they have the Doctor or not!

Damn, way not to sugar coat some shit.

There's an angel in her mind, bummer.

So she's blind for the rest of the episode? And she gets to sit with her eyes close? That's some bullshit!!!

What did he tell her? I'll be back in five minutes? See how that shit turned out.

The Bishop is so dead.

And there go the lights...

The crack is expanding, and those idiots ran told it.

Damn another deadbrowalking. Say what? Dude doesn't remember the others?

Time is being unwritten?

Where's River? Ooooh, I bet River killed a Doctor!!! I bet he won't take it personally though, lol.

Never been born, eh? That sucks. Aw, she has high top chucks!

OMG, just walk like you can see. Simple. I'd make his ass take me home after this!

LMAO, maybe when you're older!!!!!

Fuck you angels, the Doctor ain't got to do shit!


You mean he actually landed on time?

She is really trying to jump him? Smh, Rory, run far far away from Amy. You deserve so much better. This is worse than Mickey/Rose, and I really didn't think that was possible e_O

Yet another most important thing in the universe?

I like Moff's suspenseful episodes, and I adore River Song in no small part due to Alex Kingston. I've loved her since her days on ER.


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