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The Eleventh Hour
Um, why is the TARDIS on fire?

Ew, new theme = me no likey

Damn this Doctor is fugly!!

Swimming pool in the library in the TARDIS? Sweet!

Does this child not have sense or parents?

Continuity error: the Doctor's shirt is dry and clean immediately after he runs into the tree.

Who doesn't like bacon besides vegetarians? Although that bacon did look rather undercooked.

WTH, is he going to eat up the entire house? She should kick this dude out right now!

Ok, she's not going. Please tell me he's not taking this child's guardian...

"Everything is going to fine?!?!?" Now why he gotta make that child all paranoid? That just ain't right!

Dear God not another crack in the dimensions to see Rose e_O

Oh dear, this little girl will be sorely disappointed; the Doctor is *never* on time. Just ask Mickey :o(

That room at the end of the hall is apparently important.

And that's why you do not break and enter and well make a lot of noise while doing it!

Whoa creepy coma patients...

A cop? Hopefully this means she won't take much shit from the Doctor.

Dang Rory is out of a job :o\

Gonna need a new screw driver or maybe not...

Hm, wasn't expecting that.

Um, why didn't he just ask her for the key? Oh yeah, she lost it.

Kiss-o-gram? Is that like a singing telegram with a kiss at the end?

Ok, she's the little girl.

Whatever Doctor, you're lucky you ain't in American where you would have gotten shot rather than hit upside the head with a cricket bat.

Uh oh, human residence it's literally the house; it's the whole damn planet. Ooops.

LOL "I'm worse than everybody's aunt"

So Amy's an escort?!?!?!? e_O

Broadcasting to the whole world? This is a better rip off of Ten's first episode.

Whoa dude is kinda cute. Dumb I'm sure but cute.

Why is there a woman in a phone booth with a camera phone?

Oh I like Amy all ready, demanding answers and all straight away XD

Damn, she's denying Rory. This can't bode well. I smell shades of Mickey and Rose :o\

A Mini! and it's Rory's!!!

Oh that's a problem, lol. Will need a new sonic screwdriver after all.

Ew, bye bye mean doctor.

LMAO, Jeff was watching porn!! And the dumb-but-cuteness is confirmed.

Oh dear, the Doctor with a fire truck. This will certainly cause a mess.

Oops, that would be patient zero talking out of the wrong mouth.

The pandorica will open and silence will fall, eh? Well there's our story arc for the series.

Huh, didn't see that coming. Who's that supposed to be? LOL.

I'm glad Amy is being rewarded for thinking for herself and doing what she wanted. Let's hope this continues.

Oh hell no, Doctor you better pay for his mobile phone bill!

Ew, Amy checking out the Doctor in front of her boyfriend is rude!

Ok, the Doctor montage was cool.

A new set?!?!?!? Tease :o\ And Amy is left yet again. Take the hint girlfriend!!!

Ok, I wonder how late he is this time? Whoa two years...

Oh she is definitely not telling him something! Oh no, please tell me she isn't running off before her wedding!!!!!

Poor Rory :o( This seriously better not be a Mickey/Rose rehash. SMDH. I swear for once I wish a companion would say "I'm not going with you unless my other half comes too."

Well, that was enjoyable. Amy is OK, and I don't hate Eleven. I'll have to see more of them before I decide.

The Beast Below
I don't get involved my ass!

Deadbrowalking spotted. Good Lord let's hope Moff is better than RTD.

WTF? creepy-assed mask!

Oh so now you're an expert on children? I call bullshit!

Good for you Amy calling him on his bullshit.

Marriage slipped your mind?!?!?!? Sounds like someone doesn't really want to get married...

Help us you're our only hope? I'd rather have Obi-Wan.

Liz 10 eh? I like her. She engages the Doctor on her own terms.


Gross. I feel like Moff is totally ripping of Star Wars: A New Hope :side eye:

OMG, I certainly wouldn't be screaming with my mouth open with that mess coming D:

And Liz10 saves the day! LOL you got bugged! Stories from my family? Holy shit she's Queen Liz X!!!!!

Damn forget or abdicate? That's a shitty choice. Who is in charge if she abdicates?

Oh you're so fucking full of shit! Like you don't decide what humans should do all the damn time? Still full of shit; I was really hoping that would change.

What's up with Amy's weird accent shift?

I like that Amy acts on her own without waiting for permission for the Doctor.

Y'all are extremely lucky that star whale doesn't hold a grudge...

Churchill? Whatever that should be Martha Jones calling if anyone. Oh no, not the damn Daleks :eye roll:

Ooooh, the crack is back.

Eh, this episode was very meh to me. I wish Sophie had more to do. Liz X started out cool, but ended up looking stupid and cruel for torturing the space whale. The Moff gets a point for not killing off the deadbrowalking but also loses half a point for making him not actually human and not giving him shit to do. Still better than RTD though. It's so sad my expectations are so low!

Victory of the Daleks
Bored. God I hope there is only one Dalek episode this season. I haven't enjoyed a Dalek episode, since the trash talking with the Icemen in series 2.

Hm, why doesn't Amy remember the Daleks from the end of series 4?

LMAO @ rainbow Daleks!!

Step one destroy your creator, lol.

Sweethart? I do believe that might be a River Songism. I do so enjoy River Song.

Amy is perceptive.

Y'all are stupid. Destroy him now.

The crack is back!

In short, I was bored. OMG, I love the weeping angels!!! And River!!!


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