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  • So she worked for Republicans? Shonda needs to make less self-righteous and much more $$ motivated.
  • And you've been made lol.
  • Olivia Carolyn?
  • Um, since when do attorneys arrest people?
  • Hahaha, "no one in this office..." I see what you did there
  • WTF Netflix?!?!?!? It's the middle of the damn day; why are you buffering?!?!?!? Ok it's not Netflix is goddamn XBox Live -_-
  • Redhead quit being so obviously judgmental.
  • Lawd this idiot is like a lost puppy.
  • dummy she's all reasy out of your sight
  • LMAO Abbey is enjoying this. And the wife is the hooker
  • Harrison is hot!
  • Haha cupcakes!
  • And Shondaland is predictable
  • So this chick pretended the judge was a hooker and paid Grandma money to keep it a secret? Yeah effing right!
  • No sex until the wedding night? I call bullshit!
  • And paying for your boyfriend's school is a no no!
  • Who cares what you think Fitz?
  • Bored now. End of live blogging.
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