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Against my better judgement I'm watching a Shondaland show...

  • "Gladiators in suits" LMAO!
  • I love the soundtracks for Shondaland shows.
  • I strongly dislike Republicans too; let this dude fry.
  • Hm, not meeting at the White House? They are/were fucking.
  • I like Olivia's wardrobe.
  • Your gut? Eff that noise I ain't following no one on just a gut.
  • The redhead has a thing for Fringe boy.
  • Not like the election trail? Trouble in paradise.
  • You are a dirty old man. "Not falling" doesn't mean you didn't sleep with her.
  • This Amanda chick is simple.
  • WTF why is this dude in the women's restroom?
  • Hah, I think crying is generally pointless too.
  • Decimate? That word doesn't mean what you think it mean lol. You didn't remove a tenth of that girl lol!
  • Seriously dude WTF else do you know?
  • You picked it up off the floor? You are an effing idiot! And this "best friend" nonsense is code for gayness!
  • This chick is off her rocker! Who the hell does she think she's dealing with?
  • This dude is an idiot. Did he really think his dirty drawers wouldn't come out?
  • So gays don't have honor? Let this dude hang.
  • So much for that gut *eyeroll*
  • Yep, he's a dirty old bastard.
  • Bwahahahahaha, Olivia you didn't really think you were the only one did you?
  • You left me? Ew this dude is a creeper! She said don't touch me.
  • The Oval Office isn't sound proof?
  • And this dude is surprised?
  • Fringe boy needs to grow a pair. If you need to be talked into proposing you shouldn't do it.
  • Your gut is crap Olivia lol!
  • This dude is a moron. Ain't no way I would be going to jail for my lover killing my best friend.
  • Ok this entire scene is so damn unrealistic. Now way that dude would have come out of the closet.
  • Oh please none of you are good guys. Y'all live in shades of grey admit it.
  • Why is she your client? She has no money. And for that matter why is officer boy your client? Who is footing that bill?
  • Delayed reaction: suicide over getting run out of town? It ain't worth all that.

Less over-the-top that other Shondaland shows. I'll watch all seven episodes to support a lead WOC on network TV. I hope I don't regret it lol.


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