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The last bullet of [profile] winwin7's spoiler spec post at [profile] onceandfutures spawned this.

And my crackalicious fifth thought is Uther for permanent and Merlin for recurring, where

  • Morgana kills Uther
  • Think of something for Morgause

  • Arthur defeats Morgana
  • Morgana escapes
  • Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic then banishes him.
  • Camelot track
    • Gwen & Arthur have a falling out over it
    • Gwen & Lancelot get closer
    • Gwaine leaves because his instincts about kings have been confirmed
    • Think of something for Gaius to do
    • Think of something for Elyan to do

  • Merlin track
    • meets up with some good druids
    • gets some damn magic schooling
    • becomes a solider in the druid civil war
    • still loyal to Arthur

  • Morgana track
    • meets up with Mordred and the bad druids

The other four ideas are here.
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